About EHRT


EHRT Maschinenbau has been developing and producing punching and bending machines since our inception in 1963. Our founder, Dieter Ehrt, was the first to invent our unique bending technology which measures each bend angle and provides spring back compensation. This gives the bend angle of flat materials true accuracy.

Our continuous development and 40 plus years of experience has made EHRT a world leader in precision machining of flat materials.

The EHRT product range includes complete processing (cutting, punching, and bending) of bus bars. Our customers are mostly companies producing equipment for the electrical industry, especially switchgear production. The bending and punching software is fully integrated which allows quick and easy programming. Our machines are CNC controlled and run in three-shift operation. We are proud to maintain an excellent reputation with our customers around the world.

At EHRT, our machines, programs, and tools all come from one source which prevents interface problems. Once our machines are in place and the operators trained, production can begin immediately.

EHRT machines are designed to run continuously with little down time.